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The Red Tent Sisterhood is an Empowerment
Supportive Group for All Women

We meet monthly to meditate, release and heal together.
Divine women coming together to empower each other, share their wisdom, as well as psychic and mediumship gifts. Many modalities under one roof!


I am Enough! I Matter!  I chose Love not Fear!

This event is Free but is limited to the first 30 people.
If you are in a place where you can make a donation all money will be sent to a women's shelter if not please come anyway! Let's support each other! 

Please Check the Calendar for the Next Red Tent & To Sign Up

Pam with Her Tibetan Bowls

at The Red Tent!   Ahhh.....

A Divine Collaborative of Women Sharing Their Gifts & Wisdom
Reiki - Mediumship - Reconnective - Biofield

Intuitives - Palm Readings - Balance - Stone Readers

Active Members:

Chrissy Masterson at • 978-758-0893

Rebecca Coughlin at • ​603-533-7098

Rebeccah Kocak at • 603-548-4983

Liz Bergeron at • 603-345-2007

Kelcie Jean at 603-845-6568

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