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Some Classes Meeting in Person


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Living Universally Connected Youth

​A group for youth & teens with Metaphysical Interest & Gifts


We will learn to explore, gain control and live a mindful life. All topics and discussion will be of light and everyone's highest and best.


 Each gathering will be a "no judgement zone".

All are welcome whether a beginner or

advanced and are encouraged to help

each other on their journey. 

The group will be guided and monitored by Chrissy Masterson who is a Psychic Medium, Teacher, Spiritual Coach, Card Reader & Reiki Biofield Tuning Healer.  Chrissy has helped teens and young adults that were awakening along the way, including her own children.  

All activities will be age appropriate for the collective group.

At this time we are asking that all attending be
10 and over.

 (17 and under need parental permission)

Please contact Chrissy with questions at

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